Coordinated Care Software. Actionable Analytics.

Gaps in Capability

Many health care organizations struggle with fulfilling their Utilization Management (UM), Case Management (CM), Condition Management, and Performance improvement processes with internal, staff-operated software. Software without the appropriate internal competencies leads to bad processes faster. A situation where many organizations over-invest in software and under-invest in the competencies required to make the most of the software leads to encoding bad processes in expensive software.

To help organizations improve how they utilize technology, we have built an innovative UM and CM platform. Our software is built upon the latest technology integrating algorithms throughout to intelligently provide users with analytics and workflow support tools. Our platform does not seek to replicate paper processes, but instead seeksto empower users with just-in-time data and decision support alerts.

Claris closes the gaps

Our system core functionality includes:

  • Referral / Authorization Workflow
  • Concurrent Review
  • Protocols / Rules for Auto-Authorizations
  • Letters
  • User Management
  • Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Case Management

One strength of our system is improving contract and network management. Helping steward your external providers and internal UM staff to the appropriate providers through the use of algorithms that define network and preferred providers. Beyond contract and network management, we utilize algorithms to reduce data entry errors and guide users throughout the referral creation and management process