Closing the Loop of Referrals, Powered by Patients

The Best Care Never Received

Providers referring specialist care face a challenge. Once a patient leaves their office, they have no way of knowing if the patient continued with the plan of care.

Maybe the patient tried to schedule an appointment, but was unsuccessful and gave up. Perhaps the patient was given a list of potential providers, but was overwhelmed with choices. Perhaps the patient went to the specialist, but no feedback on the encounter is provided.

This is the “Fog of Care” – the unknown space where the best care “referred to” becomes the best care never received.

Claris clears the fog

We believe engagement during the referral process empowers patients to select the specialist they wish to see. Claris provides easy-to-use tools that allow the closing of the care loop:

  1. Referring provider recommends specialist treatment and system sends a message to the patient to access a customized listing of specialists
  2. Specialists are ranked by preference of the referring provider and whether they accept the patient’s medical insurance, among other factors
  3. The patient, now armed with detailed specialist information, selects specialist-of-choice and a message is to schedule an appointment
  4. Specialist sees the patient, is prompted to share information on the results of the visit and subsequent care required

We provide the benefits of referral management without the burden of enterprise software and process adoption. Referring providers now have visibility on how the patient is engaging with the plan of care and the ability to interact with the specialist.


For Primary Care, Family, and Referring Providers

  • For the provider who values high quality patient experience and communication
  • Greater visibility into patient compliance with treatment plan
  • Facilitate information sharing with other providers without EMR/EHR integration
  • Provide patients with better service with more control of the referral process – improving participation and treatment plan compliance
  • Receive objective measures on the quality of patient interactions with referred to providers
  • Analytics-based reports, which can help detail care plan adherence and success on a variety of demographic, condition, and procedure data
  • Communicate in a clear and trackable manner the level of urgency in a referral

For Referred Patients

  • Empowered with information to make better choices in the process of selecting a specialist
  • Improved communication with their family or primary care doctor
  • Easier process of scheduling an appointment
  • Mobile care plans, which provide adherence inputs to both “referred from” and “referred to” providers
  • Receive higher quality verifiable patient health data
  • Workflow that is accessible to both the digitally sophisticated consumer and those who prefer manual processes

For Specialists Receiving Referrals

  • Improved quality of information when receiving a referral
  • Increased number of referrals from participating referring providers
  • Facilitated integration with providers in your network